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No longer new, but still quite entertaining: you too can play Name The Debbie Taylor Band!

Welcome to the shoddily constructed and hard-to-navigate electronic home of The Morning People, a Cambridge band who combine the quirky charm of Jonathan Richman, the gloomy romanticism of Peter Perrett and the superficial country stylings of Neil Young.

The Morning People have their own club night at the Globe Ale House in Cambridge. Octopus Ride! happens on the first Saturday of every month, except May. In May it'll be on Friday 2nd, and the Morning People will be playing a headline set, which is kind of like a normal set except longer.

Rychard Carrington of Moving Tone News wrote a lovely review of a gig we did recently. Thanks Rychard. We are also on Myspace. Do please be our Friends.

The Morning People's song 'The Hardest Word' is featured on an excellent compilation CD of Cambridge bands from the folks at Cambridge Riffs. Smell The Bicycle is available now and should be in your collection.

Meanwhile, our own CD is still available to buy, if you want. The Morning People Are Not For The Likes Of You contains fine recordings of three of our least unloved songs, including 'They Did Something (With Their Lives)' and is really quite good if I do say so myself. We also still have a few of our exclusive Morning People tea towels left. Both items are three quid and can be got at gigs or by emailing us.

You can read about our first gig here thanks to the nice people at Netrhythms, and you can see photos from other gigs here.

On the bits of these pages that aren't taken up by pointless graphics, you can discover new facts, try to learn our names, commit yourself to receiving fitfully amusing emails, hear our music, and explore the shadowy netherworld of our dubious personal interests.

This also used to be the place to find out about singer-songwriter nights at the Man on the Moon, Cambridge.