My name is Sam Inglis

Despite the spelling, it's pronounced 'In-gulls'.

Not 'In-gliss'.

I've spent much of the last few years writing songs, playing them to myself, and cobbling together faintly unsatisfactory recordings with the aid of a sequencer and some cheap Japanese keyboards. When I was bored I would compile these into CDs for other musicians, under the name of The Morning People. The songs fall between many stools, like a lucky woman fainting in a cow field. Some of them have a Jonathan Richmanesque naive happiness to them, while others have a miserable country feel. You can hear some of them on this site.

Finally, I've managed to give CDs to enough other musicians to assemble a real, flesh-and-blood band. That band is The Morning People and this is their web site.

Sometimes I also play gigs on my own, and I promote a monthly singer-songwriter showcase in the city of Cambridge, England. I try to send out emails to warn people about gigs that I play at or promote, and you're very welcome to join this mailing list. People say that they like the emails and that it would be a shame if they all vanished into cyberspace, so I've archived them.

I was due to be playing solo at the Portland Arms in Cambridge, on Friday 10th December, in support of Morrison, but the on-off state of the venue means it's been put back to an as yet unspecified later date.